Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transform an Old Dress Into Pajama Bottoms

It's been a while that Julianna has been asking me to buy her doll pajamas... I was horrified to see that her dolls' clothes were more expensive than some of mine. :-) So I had been thinking of making the pajamas myself, although I am not a sewing pro. This past week I had a brilliant idea. I have been getting rid of my pregnancy clothes, and when I came across my purple pregnancy dress, my first thought was, "I have got to get rid of this thing, but who in the world is going to wear this? It looks like a night gown." Then the brilliant idea hit me - I am going to use this dress to make the doll and Julianna matching pajama bottoms. The dress' fabric looks brand new and would be perfect and free. After the decision was made, I researched online on how to do the job.

Here is the dress before the transformation.

After following this tutorial The new pajamas turned out like this